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About Us

Who are we?

We are a family owned company that creates dog car accessories with love and care, using our own experiences as inspiration for new ideas. Our goal is to make traveling easier for humans and dogs alike, so no one has to give up their furry friends when they go on vacation again!

Aim & Mission

NodyTalk is a company that aims to create the best possible travel experience for people with pets. We are on a mission to provide high quality, comfortable, and durable products. It's our goal to make sure you have everything you need so your next trip can be worry-free—for both you and your dog!

Founder Story

I’m Alvin and the founder of! Where you can find all your dog accessory needs, like leashes for walks or safety belts to make sure they stay by your side on hikes through rough terrain- we’ve got it covered here at our site!. 

We are a business that cares deeply about understanding how important customer service really is; as well as making quality products so people get what they payed good money for when buying one item from us in particular: an interesting name goes along way too right? 😉

I have owned mostly Boston Terriers since I am without a back yard but dog love comes in all sizes!

Our Main office is located in Lewisville, Texas (Dallas Suburb)