7 Car Accessories Every Dog Owner Needs While Travelling

7 Car Accessories Every Dog Owner Needs While Travelling

For pet lovers, one of the most satisfying things is to take their best friends and travel with them in the car. Dogs also really like traveling in cars, discovering new smells, getting out the window, and sticking their tongue out just looks so amazing! However, traveling in a car with a dog isn’t that simple. You’ll need to train your dog to get used to sitting on the seats, or maybe in a travel-safe cage. This article would provide some car accessories every dog owner needs.

Every dog person needs to train their furry friends to stay calm and safely travel in a car. Apart from the training phase, there are also some essential accessories every dog owner needs in their car. 

We at Nodytalk have always got you covered by providing you with all the high-quality gear needed to travel with your pooch. So here are some valuable accessories you’ll need to travel safely with your dog in a car.

Safe Travel Jet

A travel carrier is truly a blessing for dog owners. Especially if you keep your car clean or have a fancy one, this has to be a no-brainer! A dog carrier would keep all the mess such as mud, and paw prints and keep everything in one small area, where your dog can easily relax while you are driving. 

A quality dog carrier like our Burgundy-jet carrier would not only provide the benefits of a regular carrier but also keep you and your pooch comfortable along the journey! Now you can easily take your pet anywhere you want. 


Dog Safety Seat Belt

If you don’t want a dog crate or a carrier in the back seat of your car, then a dog seat belt or a harness would be your next best friend. Dogs are prone to motion sickness and things can get worse when they are feeling uncomfortable. A seat belt would not only keep them in place but also comfortable along the journey. If you really love your pets and want to keep them safe all the time, then a seat belt should be considered. 


These thick comfortable belts work with your car’s seats and lock your dogs in place and keep your friend safe in case of an accident. Here is a really handy Dog car seat belt set.

Chew Toys

Chew toys will be your dog’s favorite thing to keep them entertained along the amazing journey while you drive along. Dogs can easily get bored and once they do they’ll try to entertain themselves by doing things that you surely wouldn’t want. Such as licking your car, ripping the seats chewing some stuff. This is exactly why it is always recommended to take some of your dog’s favorite chew toys every time you travel in your car. 


Aside from these, here are some more benefits of using chew toys for dogs, especially while traveling:

  • Chew toys help provide mental stimulation
  • Dental benefits
  • Some dogs have anxiety or face boredom while traveling in a car, chew toys can help with that and keep them entertained. 
  • If you are a high-energy breed, like the German shepherd, having a chew toy is a must! These breeds are very energetic and might cause trouble while traveling in a car, so it is always a good idea to give them some chew toys to keep their energy levels low. 

Here is a quality rope-shaped chew toy for your dog, that will surely become his next favorite thing! The rope chew toy provides a dog-friendly design and will keep your furry friend entertained for hours!

Air Freshener

As dog owners, we all agree that sometimes things can get really smelly when you traveling with your dog in a car. Your dog would spend a lot of the time in the dirt, playing in the mud, and getting the paws dirty. So it is obvious that it can be really smelly in your car. 

Nodytalk as usual has got your back. Say goodbye to all those nasty smells, and start using our Bulldog-shaped clip-on air freshener. This small-sized air freshener would easily clip on the air vents of any car. The best part is that the air freshener itself is shaped like a bulldog! This is surely a no-brainer for dog owners. 


Dog Leash

It might seem really obvious to take a leash along while traveling with your dog in a car. But it is really important and a leash can really save you from a lot of trouble.

 A leash would keep your dog from jumping out when opening a door or just keep him from running away every time you take a break. And breaks are really important when you travel with a dog. Dogs can get motion sickness and might need some minutes to chill out and relax, but sometimes when you take a break your pooch can get over-excited which makes him run away from you and all of that ends up wasting your time and can even be hazardous. For example, an unleashed dog can easily run away and cause a major accident on the road or the highway. This is why a simple thing like a quality dog leash will keep you and your dog safe every time you take a short break! 

Poop Bags

Leaving your dog’s poop on the ground isn’t a good idea. For sanitary reasons, ad dog poop can also spread diseases. In different countries, the centers for disease control recommend all dog owners not leave poop on the ground and always use a poop bag to pick it up and make sure to throw it away in the garbage. 

While traveling with a dog in your car, at some point you will have to stop for pee or poop breaks. That is the time when poop bags come in handy. Make sure to always use them and pick up your dog’s waste and get rid of it. Dog poop is not a fertilizer, it should never be left on the ground. 

Here are some quality, eco-friendly dog poop bags. 


Bonus: Pet First Aid Kit

You can never be sure of what can happen along your journey. There can be many unexpected road accidents, so you have to be mentally prepared for them. If you’re traveling with your dog in a car, make sure to keep a pet first aid kit with you all the time. It would only be useful in case of emergencies. Here’s a first aid kit for your pet.


Winding It Up!

Road trips and traveling with your dog can be really exciting and thrilling. Before you set out for the journey with your best friend, be sure to make all the arrangements and get all the essential dog car accessories. 

Nodytalk is always here to provide all the essential gear that dog owners need in their cars. 

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