Here’s Why You Must Have A Dog Car Seat Cover!

Dog in a Car

Every dog owner at some point has to take their dog alone for a ride in the car. Maybe to explore new places with your dog or to visit your local vet. The point is that your dog will ride along in your vehicle. As much as we love our furry friends, we all know that they can be a little messy in the car and cause some stains, foul odor or even ripping the seats because of their claws. That is where a dog car seat cover comes into play. 

If you have a car and love to take your dog with, then he probably hates being put in the crate during rides. A Dog Car Seat Cover not only protects against dirt but also allows him comfort while traveling which can be difficult for some dogs! This article will explain why having one is important along 5 reasons I personally recommend getting it before we go any further…

Here are 5 benefits of a doc car seat over: 

  • Protects the seats from any scratches and rips.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Less hair and dirt.
  • More practical and easy to transport
  • Much more comfortable compared to a crate.

Less Dirt and Fur

Just like kids, dogs also enjoy going out on car rides. They just have to stick their heads out of the window and enjoy the air. The problem is that dogs shed a lot. Every time your furry friend sits on the seats, you’ll find hair and dirt everywhere. 

Cleaning those seats can be a nightmare as getting the hair and dirt out is quite difficult. So surely the best investment a dg person can make is to get a car seat cover. Now when your dog sits on the seats, your interior will be protected and all the hair will fall on the cover which you can easily take out. 

Our Hammock styler seat covers cover up the entire back seat and even the floor. So you really don’t need to worry about your interior getting messy. All you need to do is to clean the cover whenever you feel like it’s getting too dirty or hairy. Simple as that.

Seat Covers Prevent Interior Damage

Being a dog person and a car lover can give you goosebumps every time your dog sits on the backseats because you really don’t want those beautiful leather seats to get scratched or ripped and on the other hand you also want your dog to go with you. 

None of this would happen if you have a seat cover. You see a dog car seat cover is designed for your dog to sit on it, unlike car seats. So it’s absolutely a no-brainer to get yourself a hammock-style dog car seat cover. 

Seat Covers Are Simply More Comfortable Than Dog Crates

A seat cover makes the journey really exciting for a dog because it allows more room. Your dog can freely look out the window and have a great time in the backseats. Whereas a crate would make the ride really uncomfortable and stressful. 

Where Can I Get A Car Seat Cover For My Dog?

Now that you know a dog car seat cover is absolutely essential and you have it on your bucket list, just make sure to get one that is durable and made from high-quality materials. Preferably you can consider our hammock style cover which protects the entire back seats as well as the floor mats. 

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