A Blessing In Disguise: Benefits Of Chew Toys For Dogs

A Blessing In Disguise: Benefits Of Chew Toys For Dogs

Being dog owners we all can agree that dogs love to chew. But when that cute four-legged friend starts chewing on our fancy sofas and expensive furniture, things can get really disturbing. The key thing is that this should not be taken as a negative behavior. Focus on solving the problem rather than scolding your dog for chewing up on things and using their natural instincts. It is completely natural for dogs to discover things using their mouths so what else can you expect? This doesn’t mean that chewing on your shoes is completely okay either. This is where dog chews toys come in handy. Especially an indestructible dog chew toy.  

Here are some key benefits of chew toys:

  • Provides Entertainment
  • Reduces Boredom
  • Promote Dental Health
  • Helps With Anxiety And Stress
  • Relieves Puppies With Teething

What Are the Benefits Of Dog Chew Toys?

When it comes to some benefits of chew toys for dogs, there are many. Chew toys help relieve stress and anxiety, promote dental health, relieve puppies during the teething phase and alleviate boredom in dogs. 

However, choosing the right, durable chew toy is also crucial. Every dog has one favorite toy and you don’t want that to break easily. So we at Nodytalk have always got your back, this article would provide you with some benefits of chew toys for dogs and as a bonus, we have your dog’s next favorite indestructible chew toy available in stock!

Benefits Of Dog Chew Toys

We have compiled a list of some benefits of having chew toys for your pooch. 

Help Alleviate Stress And Anxiety

Did you know that at times dogs also suffer from stress and anxiety? When a dog is stressed it tries to relieve itself by chewing on things. So whenever your fluff ball gets anxious due to bad weather, feeling left out, etc. Try giving it this indestructible chew toy. It would surely help a lot and provide hours of excitement. 

Promote Dental Health

Chew toys are also beneficial for your dog’s dental health. Chewing on them will remove excessive tartar and plaque. Start using dental chew toys for your dog and your pup’s teeth will stay in good shape and you will notice a difference in their breath as well.  

Reduce Boredom

Dogs can easily get bored if not given enough attention. Most of the times boredom in dogs means triggering the “Destroyed In Seconds” mode lol. Your dog might end up chewing, scratching, and destroying your stuff just to keep itself entertained. Obviously, no one wants that, so it is always a good idea to invest in a high-quality indestructible dog chew toy that your dog could chew as much as it can and be happy for hours. 

Relieve Puppies During Teething Phase

Chew toys can be a blessing for your pups during their teething phase. Chewing on a toy helps encourage the growth of those new teeth and relieves your pup from any discomfort. Without a chew toy, your puppy would be encouraged to bite on other things or even start the habit of play biting. 

Do Puppies Chew More When Teething?

Every puppy goes through the teething phase. If you observe your pup chewing on almost everything, this indicates that it’s time for teething. At this point considering a chew toy is a good idea as it would remove any discomfort and ease the gums. 

Safety Comes First

Safety should be your main priority. Giving bones to a dog to chew on might seem pretty normal and a good idea, but they can turn out to be really hazardous. Chewing on bones and sticks can cause choking, digestive issues, and other health conditions. Chew toys however are the best and safest alternative to that. You can comfortably give your dog a chew toy and stay assured that it is non-toxic and won’t cause any health issues. Especially an indestructible chew toy would stay in a good shape and your dog can safely use it to relieve all the high energy. 

Make Sure To Have Multiple Toys

While chew toys are really exciting and easily become a dog’s favorite toy,  dogs can get bored pretty quickly. Try to have multiple chew toys for your puppy or even an adult dog

Pro Tip: You could use a chew toy to your advantage while training a puppy. Having multiple chew toys and using a different toy for each session would make your pup remember those commands more easily. Your training sessions would become more efficient and you won’t have to rely on treats and expect your dog to obey you. Using toys as a treat would train your dog on the basis of a strong bond with you. 

Final Verdic

Chew toys are really important for your puppy’s growth and well-being. Getting high-quality multiple chew toys would be a lifesaver for you and your pup. Biting and chewing on things is perfectly normal for dogs but you need to redirect the chewing on safe non-toxic toys instead of bones, sticks, and other harmful substances. 

In the end, we’ll wind up the article by concluding that there are a lot of benefits of chew toys for dogs and every dog owner should invest in them, it is a complete no-brainer!

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