Carrying Dog Poop Elegantly – Simplest Way To Use Poop Bags

Carrying Dog Poop Elegantly - Simplest Way To Use Poop Bags

Carrying Dog Poop Elegantly - Simplest Way To Use Poop Bags

Raising a dog and getting involved in all the fun activities is truly an extraordinary journey. Nevertheless, every beautiful thing or experience has some cons. The one thing that probably all dog owners hate is picking up dog poop while walking. It’s totally disgusting and smelly! Holding poop bags in one hand and the leash in the other is really troublesome and picking up dog poop is the worst! But no matter how unpleasant it is, we all should use poop bags to carry dog waste and throw it in the trash to properly dispose of it. Dog poop is harmful to both you and your dog and even to the environment. 

So this blog post would elaborate on why carrying dog poop is essential and will also share a really convenient way to use poop bags and carry them in a graceful way. 

Why You Should Pick Up Dog Poop?

  • Dog poop contains nitrogen, harmful parasites, and bacteria
  • Children who play outside can contract the bacteria from dog poop. 
  • The bacteria and parasites spread from dog poop affect water quality. 

Dog poop is not a fertilizer and contains harmful bacteria that are bad for you, your dog and even the surroundings. If not picked up properly dog waste has the potential to spread diseases to other animals as well. So being responsible citizens, dog owners should pick up their dog’s dung and throw it in the trash.

Fact: Unbagged dog poop left on the streets or sidewalks can get washed away with the rain, entering water bodies such as lakes and rivers causing harm to the aquatic life and also boosting algae growth!

Carrying Dog Poop Elegantly - Simplest Way To Use Poop Bags

Is Dog Poop Dangerous For Humans?

According to Georgia Based Clean Water Campaign, dog poop is known to contain intestinal problems, kidney disorders, cramps, and diarrhea-causing bacteria for humans. Apart from this dog stool also includes Hookworms, Tapeworms, Ringworms which are highly contagious.

How To Carry Dog Poop While Walking?

So how do you actually carry dog poop and properly dispose of it? Using poop bags, all kept in a dog poop bag holder is the simplest way to get rid of pet waste while walking. Take a bag and use it to pick the waste and immediately throw it in the trash. Never leave the bag filled with dog poop, always throw it in the trash. 

The one drawback of using poop bags is that both of your hands will be occupied. You’ll have to carry poop bags in one and hold the leash in the other. Things can get a little overwhelming especially when you have to use your other hand to pet your dog or reward it with a treat while walking. So there must be a solution to it, right? Of course, there is! We at Nodytalk always have the solution for your problems. Use this “Dog Poop Bag Holder” that can easily get attached to the leash or your backpack allowing you to enjoy the freedom of walking!

Why Use A Dog Poop Bag Holder? 

When going out for walks with your pooch, bringing poop bags can get hectic. A Dog Poop Bag Holder would keep all the bags organized, and can get attached to any leash or backpack making things really convenient for you. The best part is that our dog poop bag holders are made from high-quality material and come in elegant colors, perfect for every weather, and look good on any dog allowing you to go out for dog walks gracefully without having to worry about holding poop bags in your hands. 

Carrying Dog Poop Elegantly - Simplest Way To Use Poop Bags

Pro Tip: If you have a puppy that needs to be leash trained, getting this Sassy Woof poop bag holder would be a game-changer. You can simply put all the extra treats in the bag and reward your fluff ball every time he walks properly on a leash without pulling or getting distracted. Another plus point is that this poop bag holder comes in outstanding color combinations that are sure to satisfy you every time you need to use it. 

Carrying Dog Poop Elegantly - Simplest Way To Use Poop Bags

Here’s a beautiful Bee Sassy dog poop bag holder which not only serves its purpose but also looks so cute. Speaking of purpose, this bag holder can also store some extra goodies that you might need for walks such as treats, coins, or even your keys! 

Become responsible and help protect your surroundings by always carrying dog poop and making your walks more elegant and graceful all with the help of the Sassy Woof Bag Holder.

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