How To Use A Dog Nail Grinder – Do It Yourself At Home!

Knowing how to trim a dog’s nails is essential for every dog owner. Visiting a vet just to get the nails cut can be expensive. Getting a dog nail grinder is a good idea as they’re relatively easy to use and does a good job as long as you know what you’re doing and follow some basic steps. This post will help you learn how to use a dog nail grinder and as a bonus provide some benefits that grinders have over your standard nail clippers.

What Are The Benefits Of a Dog Nail Grinder Over a Clipper?
Nail grinders are safer than a traditional clipper and are also fairly easy to use. With nail clippers, you have a high risk of accidentally cutting the sensitive areas that can cause bleeding. Nail grinders, however, are designed to minimize the risk by allowing you to slowly trim the nails instead o cutting too deeply by mistake.

How To Use A Dog Nail Grinder?Dog Nail Grinder Cordless

So here’s a 2-minute guide for learning to use nail grinders and grooming your dog’s nails at home.
Get Your Dog Used To The Product
Dogs are curious by nature. Every time you bring something new, your dog will want to know what it is, lick it, sniff it and start chewing on it.
Before you start trimming, make sure to introduce the product first. Let your dog sniff it. Touch the paws and nails with the grinder without actually turning it on. Once your dog calms down, approach with positive reinforcement methods. Give your pooch a treat when it stays calm every time you touch the nails with the grinder.

  1. Determine how much needs to be trimmed.
  2. Once your dog sits in a relaxed position, securely hold the paw. Turn on the grinder and gently start trimming from the bottom of the nail tip and work your way up to the top of the nail. Once you’ve reached the top of the tip, start grinding again toward the bottom of the tip all the way to where you started.
  3. Do the process several times till you’ve safely removed the sharp nail tip. A general rule of thumb is to trim the nail till the part that curls downward is leveled out with the paw.
  4. If the nail is rough, gently use the grinder on the tip in a circular motion a few times to make it smooth.

Important Safety Tip: Always be prepared to stop the process in case your dog starts moving around and always have a bandage with you just in case you accidentally trim the sensitive portion. If the bleeding doesn’t stop you can always ask a vet for help.

  1. Use this method one nail at a time. Repeat the steps on each nail

The Best Nail Grinder For Your Pooch
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