Gadgets you must have when traveling with a dog

Gadgets you must have when traveling with a dog

Anyone who travels with their dog knows that a lot of preparation goes into making sure the trip is as stress-free as possible for both the human and the pup. From packing leashes, food, and toys to having your vet’s number on hand in case of emergency, there are many things to remember.

And that’s not even counting all the gadgets and accessories that can make life on the road with a furry friend a little bit easier! So, whether you’re hitting the open road this summer or just taking a weekend getaway, make sure to bring one or more of these must-have items along for the trip. Your dog will thank you!

A leash and harness (view)

While many dogs are happy to run around and explore new surroundings, it’s important to ensure this is done safely and at a comfortable pace. Dog leashes and harnesses allow you to maintain control over your dog as you both navigate busy streets or crowded places. Harnesses are generally safer than collars since a traditional leash’s pressure on the neck is eliminated.

A dog travel bowl (view)

After a long drive, stopping for your dog to relieve himself becomes a priority. Having a portable dog travel bowl makes this process much easier and stress-free. Portable bowls are easy to clean and store away when not in use.

Bonus: Traveling in a car will be uncomfortable for your pet, which is why you should have an extra towel or blanket that he can use as a seat cushion.

Dog seat cover (view)

Pet dirt and fur can be difficult to get rid of from car seats and even dangerous for passengers. A dog seat cover helps to protect your car’s interior while keeping your pet comfortable and safe.

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