How Much Should You Feed Your Dog? Here’s The Right Amount

How Much Should You Feed Your Dog? Here's The Right Amount

As being pet owners, it is our main priority to keep our dogs healthy and active. The most basic and important way to keep a dog healthy is to give them the right amount of healthy and high-quality dog food. Feeding a dog too much or too little can cause health problems. But what is the right amount? How many cups of dog food should you feed or how much to feed your dog? 

As usual, we at Nodytalk are here to help you out. This article would help you out by answering “how much to feed your dog” and as a bonus will help you find out if your dog is under or overweight. 

How Much Should You Feed Your Dog?

Finding out the perfect amount of dog food might be a bit challenging. You have to realize that every dog is different and has a unique metabolism system. Some might be okay with 3 cups of food while others would start gaining weight at that amount. 

To find out the right amount, you’ll need to follow the guidelines on the back of the dog food bag. Start implementing those guidelines and keep a close eye on your dog’s body. If you see him gaining or losing weight, you’ll need to reduce the quantity or increase it in case he gains weight.  

How Many Cups Of Dog Food Should I Feed My Dog?

For small-sized “toy breeds,” you should be feeding them 1/4 to 1 cup of food. For small breeds, it should be 1 to 1 2/5 cups. For medium breeds, it should be about 2 cups to 2 2/5. Large working breeds should have around 2 4/5 to 3 cups of dog food. 

If you’re still unsure and confused, it would be a great idea to consider asking your vet. Your vet will tell you the perfect amount of required dog food by judging your dog and its health. 

How Much Should You Feed Your Dog? Here's The Right Amount

Note: Some dog food bags have the charts provided in terms of weight. For example, it would say 4 to 6 ounces of dog food for 12-22 months old dogs. In that case, it is highly recommended to use our digital dog food measuring spoon that accurately tells you the amount of dog food with an LCD display. 

What Are Signs Of An Overweight Dog?

So is your dog overweight or not? Well, you should be able to tell that by feeling the ribs. If you need to apply some pressure to properly feel the ribs and there’s no clear distinction between the stomach and the chest, it means that your dog has fat and is overweight. 

How Much Should You Feed Your Dog? Here's The Right Amount

If you’re feeding your dog the right amount of dog food, your dog will have a clear waist and the ribs would be visible and felt easily upon closer inspection. 

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Underweight?

It’s pretty easy to identify whether a dog is underweight or not. The chest and the ribs would be clearly visible and you’d be able to feel the bones really easily: It’d feel as if the bones are right beneath the skin without any flesh or fat. An underweight dog would also have a pronounced spine and waist.

How To Avoid Under Or Overfeeding A Dog?

Feeding your dog too much or too little will eventually cause weight and other health problems. You can prevent weight or obesity problems by controlling your dog food is the simplest way to diet. Feeding a dog the right amount of quality dog food is the simplest way to prevent these problems. Apart from this lifestyle could also be a possible suspect of causing weight problems. If your dog isn’t receiving her amount of required physical exercise, it may cause obesity problems.


If your dog is healthy and active and is maintaining weight, you can stay assured that you’re feeding him the right amount of dog food. Just make sure that your pooch isn’t over or underweight as it could cause health problems. Don’t let your dog be lazy. You shouldn’t leave him alone all day. Physical exercise is crucial to keep a dog healthy and maintaining its weight. Little things like this dog food measuring spoon would make feeding times easier and you’ll be able to precisely measure the food with an LCD display. 

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