How to use a magnetic cell phone holder

If you use your phone while driving, no need to worry about your safety.

Accidents are the biggest fear if you are fond of using a cellphone while driving. Have you ever felt this strong urge to get this Phone holder car accessory when you were driving? The phone has rung, and your panic-stricken state dropped it right around your feet?

Our Cellphone Holder is placed at an ideal distance from the drivers’ view; that wouldn’t hurt the driver’s eyesight either. Cellphone Holder in a car today is better to be termed as a need than a demand. You will absolutely love our budget-friendly, high-quality pop socket Car Phone Holder.

Crack Free Cellphone

Along with promising your safety, we guarantee your valuable phone’s protection too- decreased risk of falling, which might damage your phone screen or outer body. The phone holder’s material is chosen as a very high standard one, which can withstand all types of possible damages if the car is met with an unfortunate accident.

Not just a Phone Holder

We designed these modern car Cellphone Holders with a charging facility in them. All you need to have is a wireless charging capability in your phone, and you are all set to purchase this to avail yourself of an upper hand in technology. The charger within it has been tested and confirmed as an innovative, fast charger. This feature will benefit you in saving your precious time. What’s the wait for?

Firm Grip

The holder is designed to fit all types of cellphone shapes automatically, and you don’t have to worry if it is android, apple, or any other company; the phone is in a safe holder either way. You can loosen the nuts to slide the holder if not in use or position it horizontally depending on your own need. Trust our product and make things a lot easier by using this highly recommended car accessory, which solves all our modern problems.

Easy Wire Connection Space

If the phone is not Bluetooth supported and needs wire connections, we have allocated free space, so no wires are torn or damaged in any possible way, and the phone user drives in a hassle-free state. Now or never, grab your Cellphone Holder for your car and get away with many obstacles faced amidst your driving journeys.

No more haste, safer driving 

Now you cannot just feel stress-free concerning your cellphone’s placement, you can even easily watch the maps you would want to follow or video calls someone you wanna talk to. Driving while having no other duty is a privilege; feel the freedom to have a smooth journey and save lives by focusing on your driving solely. 

You don’t necessarily need an expensive car always

Don’t stress if buying expensive cars is not in your budget. Our claw clip-designed Cellphone Holders car accessory can be fixed easily in your low-budget car. We are offering a piece of handy and advanced equipment at a lesser price to accommodate and facilitate you at your best

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