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Dog Bowls

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Dog Bowl Set Battle: Regular Vs Raised Dog Bowls

As dog parents, we want the best for our dogs to keep them happy and active. When buying some toys and treats for our faithful friends we think a lot about which ones are the best. But have you ever wondered about what type of dog bowl set is better for your dog? So let's compare the most popular types of dog bowls, the regular one vs raised dog bowl.  

Regular Dog Bowl Sets 

The most popular types of feeding bowls for dogs. They include water, and a feeding bowl which is placed on the floor - also called a floor dog bowl.  Floor dog bowls have their own pros and cons. Deciding whether it is best for your breed includes many factors like the size of your dog. If it's a small breed then these are better because your dog won't have to lower its neck, and shoulders and be in an awkward position just to eat food.  However, when it comes to larger breeds, regular dog bowls can be problematic. Eating in an awkward posture, and lowering the neck and shoulders could cause poor posture. 

Are Floor Food Bowls Good For My Dog? 

Regular dog bowl sets are perfect for small dog breeds. Moreover, if your dog has a shorter muzzle, shallow dog bowls are perfect as your dog would be able to easily consume food without applying too much pressure on the throat. Deep dog bowls are ideal for breeds that have longer muzzles like the labrador or collie.

Raised Dog Bowl Sets

Raised or elevated dog bowls are typically a few inches above the ground. This is good in a way that the height is the same as your dog's shoulders which makes it easier for a dog to eat, without applying pressure to the neck and shoulders.  Some studies also showed that elevated dog bowls reduced the risks of bloat - also called GDV. It is a condition where the stomach of the dog fills up with gas, food, or any liquid and twists, causing serious damage and could be fatal if not treated urgently. But later on, there were some studies that were in favor of claiming that elevated bowls actually increase the risks of bloat. There is still more research required on this topic, there is no solid evidence that proves the chances of bloat from a raised feeder.

Should I Use Raised Dog Bowl For My Breed?

If you have a larger breed then a raised dog bowl set is your best bet. It would allow your dog to easily drink water and eat food. Less strain on the neck and joints means that your dog wouldn't be prone to future physical conditions as they get older.  Visit our best walking harness for dogs Page.