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Dog Grooming Supplies

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Basic Dog Grooming Supplies That You Must Have At Home

There is nothing better than a fresh-smelling and nicely groomed dog! Dog grooming is not just for the sake of cleaning your pooch, but also has many important benefits. Doing this at home is really simple and quite fun, you just need some basic dog grooming supplies.  In this article, we will give you a list of some dog grooming supplies that you should have at home, and you will also learn some benefits of regular dog grooming. Here are some supplies that all dog owners should have for basic grooming:

1. Good Quality Brush

Having a high-quality brush is really important for all kinds of dogs. Every dog needs regular brushing. This keeps the coat shiny and prevents mats and tangles.  If you have a double coat or a breed with long hair such as the Afghan Hound or the Golden Retriever, you might wanna look for a brush with metal teeth. These tools are designed to glide through the undercoat and remove any dead hair. Just make sure that you aren't applying too much pressure which may lead to skin damage. 

2. Coat Spray

A coat spray is another handy grooming supply that you should have. Spraying this on your dog's coat before brushing will make the coat more smooth and make your brushing times more efficient and simple. The spray would also prevent tangles and matted hair while leaving a pleasant scent.

3. Dog Shampoo

Dog shampoo is the most important product for any dog owner. Many people tend to skip this and use regular human shampoo, which makes your dog prone to fleas, bacteria, and viruses. It also makes the skin dry which is why you see repeated scratching and itching. 

4. Drying Towels

After the bath, it's time for drying. Using a microfiber dog drying towel is a good idea as it would quickly dry the coat. 

5. Nail Clipper

Consider using a good-quality nail clipper. Dog nail clippers are specifically designed to be more comfortable and have blades that leave a smooth cut. Make sure you know how to properly cut your dog's nails, otherwise you could damage the claws, which can also cause bleeding. 

Benefits Of Regular Dog Grooming

Dog grooming has many important benefits. Here are a few.
  • Regular brushing keeps the hair smooth.
  • Prevents ear infections.
  • Say Bye-Bye to fleas.
  • Detection of skin issues.
  • Short nails lead to improved posture.
  • Using a toothbrush for your dog improves dental health.
  • Most importantly: Grooming sessions will improve the bond between you and your fluff ball.
Taking good care of our dogs will make them happy, which is all we want.