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Tips For Safely Travelling With a Dog In a Car

  Taking a break from your everyday life and going on a vacation is amazing. But as dog owners, some of us get concerned and start wondering whether or not it's a good idea to travel with your dog in a car. Lucky for you, going on a journey with your dog isn't that complicated. All you need is a proper plan, a few accessories for your dog, and some tips for safely traveling with your dog in a car.  Most dogs love to travel and discover new places, smells, and people. Taking him on a vacation with you will put you both on cloud nine. So here are some essential things you should keep while traveling with your dog in a car. 

  • Safe travel jet: Having this would make your life a lot easier, especially if your dog isn't used to being in the car seats for long periods of time. 
  • Chew Toys: While traveling, some dogs might get anxious, having some chew toys would keep them busy, and chewing is a source of relieving stress for dogs. 
  • Dog Leash: This is the most essential item on our list. Having a leash will prevent your dog from running away from the car when you take short breaks during your journey. Without a leash, he might become a road hazard. 
  • Air Freshener: Dogs can get smelly. Having an air freshener in your car while traveling with your pooch is a good idea. 

  Now that you've arranged these items, let's jump on to the tips.   

Tips To Safely Travel With a Dog In a Car

Make Sure Your Dog Is Under Control

While driving, the most important thing for you is to focus on the road. But if your dog is let loose in the car, he’ll become a major distraction, and chances of a road accident can drastically increase. So it would be the best idea to have either a safety travel jet or a dog seatbelt in your car so that he remains under control.  Another tip to keep him under control is to mentally and physically drain him before going out. Go out for a long walk so that your dog becomes tired and in this way, your fluff ball will be dozed off during most of the journey.   

Less Food & Water

For a peaceful journey with minimum amounts of breaks, feed him a lot less than usual. If the journey is long, 4-6 hours down the road, take a break stop the car, and give him minimum food & water.


Don't Leave Him Alone

Never leave a dog alone in a car. The temperature inside the car could become a major safety concern.  

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