2-in-1 Outdoor Bottle For Pets

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This bottle is a must have for every dog owner!

Thank goodness for these genius devices! They make it so much easier when you’re on walks and your furry friend needs some food or water. I’m sure glad they exist, because who wants to stop walking their dog just so that he can have a snack? Not me – thank god there are things like this around!!
A bottle for water and food
Easier walks for you and your pet
Put your dods favorite food and water in 2 separate compartments (8.81 oz compartment for solid foods, 11.83 ounce drink holder). Your lovely pup will never be thirsty or hungry again!
Thorough safety approach
The bottle is made from food-grade PP plastic. It’s 100% safe for your dog, and won’t harm it in any way! Safe using experience must be a must, especially when dealing with sensitive pets like cats or dogs who might not handle things well.
A must-have for every pet owner
This bottle is amazing! It’s not bigger than any other regular water bottle, measuring 9.05×4 inches and forget about having to buy drinks on the walk or making your pet thirsty in an effortful journey; this baby will take care of all that for you with its timesaving abilities as well money-saving benefits (no one likes spending too much when they are out). Happy pets = happy owners we believe so work hard at doing what’s best by following through strictly according towhen possible standards
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